Free $5 on your Starbucks Card


Do you have a Starbucks card that is empty & you haven’t just tossed it? Pull it out and head on over to get $5 Free loaded onto your card. All you have to do is register your card with the Starbucks Loyalty Program and you will get $5 Free. Plus, everytime you use your Starbucks Card to buy your drinks you will earn stars that can accumulate into Free Drinks or Free Food. Also, get a Free treat on your birthday. How could you go wrong with all those great Freebies? Register now!

Free Sample Krispy Kreme Coffee


Going live today at 10am Eastern Standard Time Krispy Kreme is giving a Free Sample of their Coffee to everyone who participates in their live twitter/Instagram chat. Talk with their chefs about the new Banana Kreme Pie and other delicious donuts!

Free Sample Nescafe Memento


This great sample is back again and being offered by Walmart!  Grab your free sample of Nescafe Memento Coffee.  You get two samples with this offer and a great coupon.  This stuff is really yummy!  A while back when they had these samples, my hubby and I both snagged one!

If you are unable to get the video to start, you can go directly to the form by copying and pasting this link in a new tab in your web browser

If you love coffee then give this one a try.  You could carry it in your purse or even keep it in your desk drawer, all you need is a little hot water to have an instant cup of coffee goodness!

Free Bottle Cuties Juice


If you love cuties…then hurry to get your Free Bottle of Cuties Juice. Head on over to their fb page, and click on the bitly link under the photo. Print off your coupon for a Free 8oz Bottle of Cuties Juice and pick it up next time you are at the store.

Cuties go FAST in our house. I can’t ever seem to buy enough. My kids are going to go nuts when they find out about the juice!

Hurry! Print yours now!

Nature’s Bounty Protein Shake Mix Giveaway


Nature’s Bounty is giving away 50,000 free samples of their Complete Protein & Vitamin Shake Mix. Just “Like” their page, click the purple button “Enter Now!”, fill in your mailing information, choose your flavor preference (Chocolate or Vanilla) and click “Submit”. Must enter by February 1st at 4pm ET. They will choose 50,000 random entrants to win this freebie. You can enter up to once per day to increase your odds of winning.

From their Facebook page: We’re proud to introduce sampling of our Optimal Solutions® Complete Protein & Vitamin Shake Mixes in vanilla and chocolate. They’re tasty…they’re convenient…and best of all; they provide you with the nutrients you need most every day. These shake mixes are a win-win-win! Sign up today for a chance to win a FREE sample!

Check out these great ideas of how to spice up a protein shake!

Possible Free Cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee


Groundhog’s day is almost here. Do you think the Groundhog will see it’s shadow? Seattle’s Best Coffee is giving away 10,000 Free cups of Coffee if the Groundhog sees it’s shadow, and we have 6 more weeks of winter. So head on over and “Like” Seattle’s Best Coffee FB Page. Cast your vote. Then fill in your information. If the Groundhog does in deed see it’s shadow, they will email you your Free Sample of Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Free Sample of Thirstea


Thirstea is giving away FREE samples of their product. There is nothing like a great glass of Iced tea so snag yours now! All you have to do is email them at Make sure you click “like” on their Facebook page.

From their page: Holy Cow!! You guys are AWESOME! We have received over 200 requests so far (and counting). Thank you. It’s going to take us some time to process them all, but you will each get an email response from us confirming we received your request…then it’s going to take us some time to pack and ship them to you. But, we’re on it! Thanks again.

Free Sample Tipton Mills Probiotic Coffee


Sometimes we just need a switch from our daily coffee we have all the time. Why not try Tipton Mills? Get your Free Sample of Tipton Mill Probiotic Coffee. Just sign up for their email newsletter, enter in your mailing address and your free sample will be on it’s way. Supplies are limited so sign up now. Nothing tastes better than a Free cup of coffee.


Free Sample Sumatra Toba Coffee


Get a FREE sample of Sumatra Toba Coffee. This single origin 100% Arabica coffee is imported from Indonesia. Perfect for the Holidays, this coffee tastes of 70% dark chocolate, cinnamon and pine trees.

To get your free sample simply fill in the form with your information and you should receive it in 5-6 weeks. Your Free sample includes one 4-oz packet of medium-roast GreySky Sumatra Toba coffee accompanied by a coupon code for 15% off your first order of any coffee beans from GreySky Coffee Inc. One sample per person. Offer only available in the US.

Free Sample of Nescafe Memento

Free sample of Nescafe Memento.  Just like their Facebook page and then fill in the request form. It takes about 4-6 weeks to get your sample in the mail. These are great samples and even better they come with a money saving coupon!  The samples did not last long in our house!  Grab your free samples before they are gone! Hope you enjoy your FREE sample!  We sure did!  Make sure you share this post with your friends!