Free Pair of Eye Glasses


Coastal Contacts has a promotion for a Free Pair of Eye Glasses every few months and it’s back AGAIN RIGHT NOW with Promotion Code: FIRSTPAIRFREE. The last time this was available I got a free pair and so did my husband and so did our son! They do charge for shipping but this is still a killer deal if you need eye glasses.

Think about it from Coastal Contact’s perspective – if they didn’t charge for shipping this would be a much bigger loss of money for their company. They are hoping that by giving away a Free Pair of Glasses you will be hooked on their service, but you don’t have to ever buy anything again if you don’t want to – just take advantage of this deal while it’s available again!

To claim this amazing deal:
1. Click here to visit the site.

2. Use the Promotion Code: FIRSTPAIRFREE, and here is exactly what you are eligible for:

  • one pair of FREE frames with standard lenses (over 1,000 frames available)
  • standard 1.5 index lenses
  • hard case
  • glasses tool
  • cleaning cloth

If you are feeling hesitant about whether this deal is legit, here is a video review from someone who has taken advantage of this free offer in the past – good info, check it out:

Here’s what Coastal Contacts has to say:

  • Try it on at home, if it doesn’t fit, return shipping is FREE!
  • We believe you will be so happy with our service that we are giving you your first pair of glasses FREE!
  • Use code FIRSTPAIRFREE (includes standard lenses)
  • Shipping charges apply

Get started now!!

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