Free Stuff with Swagbucks


What are Swagbucks? It’s a customer loyalty rewards program where you can earn rewards and free stuff by searching and shopping online, and answering surveys.

What can you buy with Swag Bucks? Really, the possibilities are endless. You can buy flowers, jewelry, Amazon Gift Cards, food and kids toys….really just about anything!  I love to get Amazon cards, save them up and then buy something big!

Earning Swag Bucks is pretty easy, below are a few pointers to help you earn and use your Swag bucks:

  • Use Swag Bucks to search the web and earn 10, 20, or 50 bucks. By using Swag Bucks instead of Google, you will win Swag Bucks randomly. If you can’t find what you are looking for on Swag Bucks, just switch to Google or your regular search engine. You can also install the Swag Bucks toolbar to win Bucks every day.
  • You can only buy a limited amount of prizes with your Swag Bucks each month. It’s better to redeem your Swag Bucks, not hold them.
  • On Fridays, you can earn more bucks because Fridays are Mega Swag Bucks day.
  • Referring friends to Swag Bucks helps you earn Swag Bucks while your friends search the web. Your referral code is found when you log into your account and can be shared through your blog, Facebook, email, etc.
  • Trade in your old video games, cell phones, and other electronics to earn Swag Bucks.
  • Swag Bucks runs a daily poll of just one question. After answering the question, participants are selected at random to earn Swag Bucks.
  • You can earn Swag Bucks by purchasing items through the Swag Bucks website from their affiliate links.
  • Find the Swag Codes that are released daily. They are on the Swag Bucks network and can be anywhere at anytime. The Swag Bucks network consists of: Facebook fan page, Twitter, Flicker, affiliated partner sites, Swag Bucks’ Search & Win sites, Swag Bucks’ newsletter, and, of course,

Join today and start earning Swagbucks!

Earn Rewards with Nielsen Consumer Panel


Nielsen Consumer Panel is one of the top consumer feedback programs in the US.  It’s a great way to earn points redeemable towards electronics, household items, jewelry, toys, gift cards, and more.

It’s really easy to incorporate this into your regular grocery shopping routine.  If they are accepting new panelists in your area, they will send you a price gun that you use to scan all of your grocery purchases with.  My kids love to do the scanning while they help put the groceries away.

Additionally, NCP is now holding a sweepstakes every month!

Every quarter they will be holding a drawing for their Grand Prix Sweepstakes where you can win $20,000.  Every quarter one panelist will win!

Recent Facebook comments about Nielsen Consumer Panel:


To see if Nielsen is accepting new panelists in your areacomplete the quick survey to see if you qualify.

Free $5 from Inbox Dollars


Sign up for a new account with Inbox Dollars (a legitimate survey site) and they hook you up with a Free 5 Bucks!

Picture this – you’ve just put the kids to bed and you finally have some “ME time”, a chance to fire up the computer to do some online browsing and shopping.  You make some tea (add some bourbon lol) and relax.  Sound good?  Guess what, you can make this even better.  Get paid while you lounge around!

Signing up for your account is fast, about a minute – and you make $5 just for doing it.  Dude, at that rate that’s like $300 bucks an hour!  Holler!  Or is that Holla!(?)  I’m pretty square when it comes right down to it…

Anyway, Inbox Dollars has an incredible variety of paying activities for you to choose from:

  • online shopping
  • playing games
  • watching videos
  • taking surveys
  • referring friends

Sign up now and score your Free $5.  Make that tea.  Add that bourbon.  Find a comfy chair.  Start earning.

Earn Free Gift Cards with MySurvey


I believe MySurvey is one of the highest rated survey sites according to all the review sites. You can earn rewards and points for taking surveys, referring new members and other activities. You can then redeem your points for prizes in their catalog such as PayPal and Amazon gift cards. Sign up now, give your opinion and complete surveys to start earning Free rewards! Once you Sign up with MySurvey, you are automatically entered in the $4,000 Quarterly Giveaway! Sweet!

Let us know how it goes and what survey sites you prefer or recommend.

Win $10,000 Sweepstakes for Taking Surveys

opinion outpost

Join Opinion Outpost and you could win $10,000 just for taking surveys! Being a member of Opinion Outpost means you will be taking Paid online surveys about different products, politics and sports. Companies need our opinions to improve on certain products and Opinion Outpost rewards you for voicing that opinion. You can choose from many different rewards such as a iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, cash and much more.

Click here to join. Make sure to check your email and confirm to complete registration.

Free 100 Pampers Reward Points


Click here to join Pampers Rewards program where you can get 100 Free Points. Most Pampers products (Diapers, Wipes) has points that you can collect and exchange for Free toys, magazine subscriptions, gift cards, books, and more. There were times where you could exchange your earned points for Starbucks gift certificates.

Moreover, we also post Free points each week here in our website. This means that even if you don’t use Pampers products, you will still be able to collect Free redeemable points.

Click here to register for Free and get your Free 100 points to start. The promo is open for newly signed up members only.

Free Cash Back on your Groceries


Have you heard of the latest, coolest shopping app? Do you want cash back on your groceries and household products? Then this is the perfect app for you. Head on over and check out the Ibotta app for your smartphone Pronounced “I-BOUGHT-A”.  Get it Haha?

Prior to going shopping, pull up your Ibotta app, select the offers that you want to cash in on. These are more than likely items you were going to purchase anyway. Each offer has a different set of quick tasks to complete. Tasks include learning a fact about a certain product, taking a poll, sharing on Facebook, playing trivia, or watching a short video. Values for each task begin at $.25 and go up from there!

Once you reach $5 or more you can cash out directly into your Paypal account – how awesome is that?

Here are the steps you take:

  1. Open this blog post on your smart phone.
  2. Sign up for Ibotta
  3. Complete tasks for the items you plan on buying
  4. Go shopping at any of the qualifying stores near you.
  5. Take a photo of your receipt
  6. Get paid when your account balance reaches $5 or more

Want to save even more money? Stack your Ibotta savings with Manufacturer’s Coupons. You might even be able to get some for little to no cost.

Check out some of the recent offers I’ve cashed in on.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste – $2.99

Smucker’s Simply Fruit – $2.74

The iBotta app is available for iPhone and Android.

Free $5 from iPoll


Get a Free $5 instantly when you sign up to iPoll. Did you know you could get rewarded from taking quick surveys. Register to be an iPoll member and Get Paid for your opinion. You will instantly Receive $5 when you sign up. Completing surveys will let you earn Free gift cards, magazine subscriptions, and cash. You can download their mobile app so you can collect rewards.

Free Zippo Lighter from Marlboro


Marlboro is giving away free Marlboro Zippo Lighter. Just register or log in and then check your offers. This freebie offer runs every Monday for the whole month of March at 9am EST. If they’ve run out for the week or if you don’t qualify, it will not be listed in your “Offers” section.

I’m not sure if they are out or if I don’t qualify because I don’t see it in my offers. We will post this again next Monday :)

Please note: The pictured lighter may not be the one they’re giving away.

Enter to Win Free Bottles of Purex Crystals


Purex just launched a sweepstakes on their Facebook page where you could enter to win a Free bottle of Purex Crystals. Simply “Like” their Facebook page. Plus one lucky winner have the opportunity to win $500! Go, On! Head over there and Win Today!

Winners will be selected randomly by February 10th. You can enter this giveaway daily through February 3, 2014 to increase your chances of winning!